Posted April 3, 2020 at 1:26 pm

Hi everyone! I'm posting this extra on Friday because that April Fool's art kinda messed up my schedule. And yes that was a a joke :'D Sorry everyone who were hoping for a new direction for this comic. Maybe I'll do an AU one shot comic some day.... But! Cassius and Jousia made it to the brunch! Yay! And I have a time lapse video of this one on my youtube channel, you chan watch it here!

I was planning to start chapter 6 in 2 weeks but a couple of things came up and are happening in this month so I will be continuing these weekly extras until May. I hope that's okay and I hope you're not yet tired of Jousia and Cassius shenanigans, because I have some ideas ;D

Stay safe!

<3 Anni

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