Katariina Lehto

A 25 years old nurse. Currently on a sick leave because of burnout caused by bullying at her work place. She also feels pressured by her parents who excpect her to accomplish a lot and succeed just like her brother.

Likes: watching documentaries and crime series, reading, skype calls with her long distance bff
Dislikes: competition, bugs, sea food, helplessness

Jousia Muotka

Katariina's neighbor. Nobody knows how old he is, himself included, probably. He works as a clairvoyant, but is secretly a witch. His abilities focus on dreams and spirit world, and his witch duties usually consists of channeling messages between humans and spirits, mostly in his sleep. He doesn't seem that social, but he actually likes helping others and having a conversation over a cup of coffee.

Likes: coffee, summer, naps
Dislikes: people being loud and/or invading his personal space, winter


A Norwegian forest cat that visits Jousia frequently. No one knows where she comes from or who her owner is, if she has any.

Likes: stealing people's stuff, fish
Dislikes: mean people, rain


The woman in charge of Lintukoto, a magical island where birds migrate to and where spirits go after death. All their knowledge is recorded to the many libraries of Lintukoto by the librarians, and everyone can come to seek that knowledge, if they know their way to the island. Lintuemo, and some of the librarians, can converse with the birds and the spirits. She is a very kind, calm and motherly person.


The court witch of Lintukoto. She is very close to Lintuemo, and an old friend of Jousia. She is easy to recognize from her dark hair that keeps floating on its own. She has strong opinions and she's not afraid to voice them.

Likes: sweets, tea
Dislikes: indecisiveness

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