The story:

Katariina Lehto and Jousia Muotka are neighbors. They haven't talked to each other, until one day a mischievous cat leads Katariina into Jousia's apartment.

Katariina tells Jousia that she's a nurse, but not that she's on a sick leave because of burnout. Jousia tells her that he's a clairvoyant, but not that he's actually a witch. However, they find out about each other's secrets, and Jousia decides to help Katariina by introducing her to the many wondrous places behind a mysterious witch door.


The author:

Hi everyone! I'm Anni K. from Tampere, Finland. I was born and raised in Northern Finland. I studied graphic design in the university of Lapland, and after graduating with a MA degree in 2014 I moved to Tampere. Here I've just been drawing my other webcomic Transfusions. It's a vampire BL story that I started in 2010, and it keeps on going. If you're into vampires and cutesy romance, go give it a try.


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